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If you are in career transition and keep encountering the same limiting thoughts and situations, hiring a career transition coach can be the best investment you ever make in yourself.  I offer Individual or Group Sessions and also work with companies and their employees to help great cultures thrive.

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10 Box Free Reasons To Be Thankful For Change

Generally speaking, I think most of us prefer predictability when it comes to our career and income. We don’t mind an occasional surprise but mostly we want to know what to expect, even if what we are doing or getting is not what we want. In my experience as a Career... read more

Pam Heward speaking at GPS Leadership Conference

Please join me, along with Dr. Nadia Brown and Terese A. Wenninger, at the GPS 2015 All Chapter Leadership Conference in Surprise, AZ on October 3rd!  This is a special one-day event hosted by a great organization – Gals Prepared to Succeed.  GPS has always been... read more

The Patricia Raskin Radio Show

We all make assumptions and interpret the world around us – and when looking for a job, our beliefs can limit our thinking and keep us from moving forward! This is a sign that you are ready to learn how to think Box Free! On this recent radio broadcast of... read more

What’s Wrong With Finding a Job?

You wake up in the morning and think “Man I am so dreading my job!” Maybe you are someone who is happy with their work but know there is more out there for you. These are the signs that you are ready to learn how to think Box Free! On this recent radio broadcast of... read more

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