Workshop-Box Free Thinking 101

Box Free Thinking 101
Saturday, February 21st

9 am – 12 pm

Waddell & Reed Financial Services
7001 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 2035
Scottsdale, AZ  85223


WS-Box Free Thinking 101As a Certified Transition Coach I have helped over 2500 clients find their passion and take their career and lives to the next level. Please join me for this interactive workshop that will challenge your thinking and help you reconnect with the infinite possibilities within you! I will share with you the 8 Strategies for Box Free Thinking and how to set S.M.AR.T. Goals based on what you truly want – and what it takes to achieve them.

These strategies are the culmination of years of experience helping others to achieve lasting fulfillment. Don’t waste another moment living someone else’s idea of a “successful” life. Learn how to make profound changes in your life AND receive a FREE personal coaching session with me valued at $125.00.

Hope to see you there!

$99 – Register Today!


Become a Great Story Teller


Pattie Sellers, Sr. Editor at Fortune magazine shares with us why it is so important to tell your story.   You must clearly convey

  • your vision/dream,
  • your aspirations, achievements,
  • your  failures
  • how you overcame these failure to achieve again. 

This is so true!  If you haven’t already done so already, spend time writng your story and clarifying your message. A worthwhile investment of your time.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


Oprah interviews Sheryl Sandberg, Cheif Operating Officer at Facebook and best selling  Author of  “Lean In” . Ms. Sandberg reveals the 3 biggest mistakes working women make. She asks the fantastic question “What would you do if you weren’t afraid”.  Both such amazing women!!

How Empowering Change Really Works

Praise for Moms and Box Free Thinking

Most of us think that change happens in huge life changing ways and sometimes it does. More often than not though, change happens in small very important ways; for example when you look at one degree of change it does not seem very significant at first. However, when we follow the one degree of change out over time we see that the one small shift in degree made in the beginning becomes larger and larger over time.

Our change in behavior works pretty much the same way.   The reason I bring this up is to remind you that significant change in your financial life will happen with the many small choices you make every day.
For Example: What if tomorrow you wake up just 15 minutes early and write down whatever comes in to your mind at that moment? This has been huge for me. I think my most creative thoughts in the morning. Writing them down so I can ponder them throughout the day has helped me:

  • Create workshop agendas
  • Establish new and interesting ways to coach my clients
  • Remember to make a follow up call that leads to appointments and meetings for new business
  • Gain new perspectives with my children and the family budget
  • Research financial opportunities in real estate, investments and money saving options with mortgages, loans and credit cards
    …just to mention a few.

There is a story from my childhood I think about from time to time that reminds me that thinking just a “little” differently is all it takes to create empowering change in your life.
This is how the story has been told to me, I don’t remember it personally but my sister was there and she remembers, so thank you Alison!
When I was in kindergarten I was given a standardized test to determine how I was doing in basic skills expected of kindergartner. As a result of my test my mother was called in because they had some concerns about my results and needed to make some important decisions about where I would be placed going forward in my education. The concerns were as follows:

1. I was not able to copy shapes because I was not able to redraw a shape from the left hand side of the paper into a box on the right hand side of the paper.
2. I did not know my colors because I had said that a banana was white.
My mother listened to their concerns and suggestion that I be put in some kind of remedial track because of this. Her response;
First she asked them if they were aware that I was left handed and when I had to copy the shapes my left hand was covering the picture I was supposed to copy, therefore making it difficult to copy the shape.  banana
Second she told them that banana’s were one of my favorite fruits (still are) and that the actual part of the banana that we eat is white so it is reasonable that I answered white!!   
Thanks Mom! I wonder what would have happened if my mother was not the strong woman she was and I had been put on entirely different track in my schooling. So many educators and other trained professionals do not think outside of the assessment and make life changing decisions for others without taking a moment to consider alternative answers.
I realize this event may seem unimpressive to some but it is a reminder to me that seeing things just a bit differently is sometimes all it takes to create a new solution, help others, or change your financial life. (and, of course, I had a great mom!)
So stop your “knee jerk” response thinking and sleep on it, you will be pleasantly surprised with what is waiting for you in the morning.

The Female brain vs The Male Brain

It’s not news to any of us that men and women communicate differently.  When it comes to finances, understanding how we think about money is very important.

What motivates us Mark Gungor offers us a humorous and revealing look at our brains that reminds us that opposites really do attract! This video will make you laugh at yourself and the Men in your life.  Watch, enjoy and acknowledge that there is more than one way to look at life.

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