Box Free Minds

How the Concept came to be:

LossIn January of 2009, I lost my husband of 28 years whom I loved very much. I became the trustee of our family estate and given the responsibility of ensuring that my kids and I would be alright financially, as well as emotionally. It has been daunting and a bit scary. Fortunately, I have a great family and support system. I have learned that I don’t have to do all of this on my own and that it is okay to ask for help.

One of the scariest parts of this process was becoming the one and only bread winner for my family. I learned how to receive and assess advice and then take action on my own. This process opened up many options to consider and empowered me to investigate income-producing solutions I was not familiar with. One of these options was a Real Estate transaction called a 1031 Exchange – a tax code that allows an individual to buy and sell “like kind” property without paying taxes. As a result, I was able to almost triple my monthly income and now I am in a much better position to provide for my family.

During one of the many phone calls with my Realtor, he jokingly said, “You could probably teach a class in 1031 Exchange by the time we finish with this!” I thought about this and I agreed, I could teach a class about it and save others a lot of time, energy, possible frustration, and phone calls!

As I contemplated his comment, a couple of things occurred to me:

  • Individually we each have great information to share and we need a place where we can collaborate, learn, share, and inspire each other. No one achieves success on their own and finding the right people and resources is crucial when you are becoming financially and emotionally empowered.
  • In order to achieve a different life we need to think differently from how we have in the past. It is unrealistic to expect new outcomes when we keep doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts. (Isn’t that the definition of insanity?)

Box Free Minds is Born

It became clear that I wanted to help others get “unstuck” and learn how to let go of their assumptions and reconnect with their passion and motivation.  By doing this, they bring excitement and passion back in to their lives and career, feel financially empowered and begin living the life they want to live. Thus Box Free Minds was born.  It requires looking inward and getting back in touch with our own passions, talents, and desires. It is from this place that Box Free Thinking flourishes.

When you are clear about who you are, you are ready to do the work to live your most empowered life.

The Box Free Minds concept and the experiences I create for my clients are safe, inspiring and collaborative.  You can ask questions, learn new terms, concepts, and ideas from other people who may be sharing the same experiences you are or have had the experience in the past and can offer solutions. There are NO hidden agendas! This is an opportunity for all of us.

The Work Before the Work

My specialty and my focus is on Career Transition Coaching within the Box Free Minds environment – I call it doing the “work before the work” – it’s the work that should happen before the resume, before the job search and before the interview.  I’ve seen magical things happen when the box is removed and my clients begin to clearly see who they are, where their true talents lie and how their future can be formed around these personal revelations!  I look forward to learning more about you and working with you in one of our group sessions, an upcoming workshop or in a one-on-one environment.  Check out the rest of the site and let me know how I can help!


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