My Mind

(and why it is Box Free today)

Let me tell you a little about me and why Box Free Thinking works.

NEW Pam Heward-Aug2015I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona. My previous professional experience was in sales and staffing as I began my career in the Staffing Industry in 1984 and held almost every position in the business – sales rep; placement counselor; branch manager; corporate trainer.  In 2000, along with a partner, I opened a Staffing company in the greater Los Angeles area. We employed 25 core employees and put approximately 2,500 temporaries out on assignment. It is here that I learned so much about the human mind and behavior. It has instilled in me a lifelong love of learning about how and why we are the way we are. I understand career transition and have assisted thousands of people find new careers and become financially independent.

On a personal note,  I am the mother of 5 children. The first two are my step-kids who are now full-grown adults leading productive lives. I have a daughter and son in college and another son just starting college.  I enjoy mysteries, movies, motivational books, exploring and studying human behavior.

In 2008, I began a mission to find a business to buy/run. I found several opportunities to pursue. Each time I would make an offer, or get under contract, something would happen to end the negotiation. The last deal to go south happened in Sept ’08. In October ’08, my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer. It was very aggressive and he died within 3 months of his diagnosis. Given that events happen just as they should, I realized that I needed to have that time for my husband and family.

After some healing time with my family, I began the process of building a new life and career. I asked myself a question that I have asked literally thousands of candidates in my staffing career:

What do you like to spend your time doing when no one pays you?

My answer?
Figuring out what makes people tick and helping them to find and fulfill their dreams.

I believe strongly in individual, holistic growth and, through my Box Free Minds approach, I have committed to helping individuals from all backgrounds achieve financial and emotional empowerment and the creation of a happy, fulfilled, and abundant life.

 “Throughout my adult life nothing, except my family, has given me more joy than
the idea that I played a small part in helping someone in his/her life.”

Learning to think Box Free simply means that you are ready to explore and rediscover yourself, eliminate old assumptions that block personal progress, and create an authentic plan for your life moving forward.

Now is the time because it’s NEVER too late!
Don’t ignore the opportunity to invest in your biggest asset – YOU!

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