As a Career Transition Coach, I work with entrepreneurs and job seekers (employed and unemployed) who are looking for advice to land their perfect career or start their own business.  Though my approach includes a personalized and focused plan for each client based on their individual goals and attributes, I also like to share good information with you, my readers, along with my personal commentary.  Here is an article I found interesting and thought you might also!  What do you think are the most important points?

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As a Career Transition Coach my clients generally wait to reach out to me after they have been unhappy or feeling “stuck” for quite a while. I appreciate this author’s advice and encouragement to do some exploratory work while still at your job – before deciding to make a change. I would also add a few other suggestions:

1. If you are not sure what the next best thing to consider might be, ask yourself: “How do I like to spend my time when no one pays me?” It does not mean you have to do this as a career or job but it promotes new thought pathways.

2. When considering other options, consider creating your own business: explore entrepreneurship. There are many ways to earn a living and pursue what makes you happy.

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