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(what people who are living Box Free want to share)

I am grateful to have played a role in helping these clients create their new path and I look forward to helping you.

MarkLewisMy name is Mark Lewis and I attended one of Pam’s workshops and then began personal coaching sessions with her.  Pam helped me realize the potential that had always been inside of me.
I have had a very successful 30 year career in the media, but had struggled to find my “mojo” in taking the next career step for myself outside of the media. Through Pam’s unique process I was able to regain a degree of confidence in my own value, and as a result have a great job now with good pay in the home health care business. I want to thank Pam for helping me, through her process, see how valuable an employee I would be for ANYONE!
Typically our “sense of” who we are at our core precedes us into any job interview or career transition, and if that sense is one of “not sure” “can’t do it” or woe, that radiates out to everyone we meet. Pam was able to get my focus back on my passions and my strengths. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for the same things in life I was – a satisfying career that I would fulfill my passions.

— Mark Lewis
Director of Business Development, The Perfect Companion
Former Sportscaster/Television Host

When I met Pam my mind was very much “in a box”; had been searching with effort but without a clear target for nine months after my corporate role was eliminated. Pam truly helped me break out of that box and take a new look at life’s priorities. Pam has a way of quietly listening, picking up cues, and then asking questions to make one rethink their preconceived notions. Working with Pam I came to realize that life need not be confined to one box at any one time. Within only a few months I did some contract work that I had always wondered about but simply had not acted on, and quickly became focused enough to land a new role with a corporation that I have always admired. Thank you Pam!
— Hazen Bazinet, Oklahoma City

In Pam’s blog she says “You must continuously challenge your thinking, assumptions, and perceptions. The best way to know when it is time to do this is when you find that you are doubting yourself or feeling stuck.”  
I started working with Pam when I found myself in a career-midlife crisis. To say that she pushed me out of my comfort zone is an understatement. Box Free Thinking is not about getting a resume revamped, it’s about learning how to open a new chapter in your career. Pam pushed me to look at the world outside the career box I had been in for the past 15 years. She personalized exercises to help me get outside the box. Many of us are in a hamster wheel, and never stop to realize it. Many of us are seeking to get up the next rung in the ladder without asking ourselves whether or not its something we really want.  Anyone that is finding his or herself in a situation where they are unsure of what their next professional chapter should be should seek the guidance of Pam at Box Free Thinking. Her work will challenge you to figure out not just what your next move should be, but what is the right move for you.
— Zoe Richmond, Current SAHM – Former- RR Executive

When I first met Pam, I had three different businesses. All separate career paths- any one of which could have flourished if I gave it my undivided attention. Secretly, however, I only really wanted to be a writer.

Working with Pam, I gained the clarity to not only admit this hidden dream to myself, but also the courage to admit it to the rest of the world. Within the past 9 months of working Pam, I have been able to eliminate all other career related distractions and I am now fully devoted to writing for a living! It was not very long ago, I spent my time wishing my life was different, hoping to be a writer someday, and wondering if I had what it takes to make my work meaningful.  Now, I AM a writer and I spend my time learning my craft, sharing with other like minds, and loving my chosen work. It is literally a dream come true!”  Also, I wanted to share with you a little “mantra” I started using. Mantra is probably the wrong word, but it’s basically a little formula or saying I use to focus on my passions. Pam noticed that I was consistently using them while we worked together, and they go way back as far as I can remember. I have not always admitted it, but I have always had the same handful of dreams, values and desires – since I was a little child. Now, in the past year, I have finally embraced these things as my identity. This is who I am. And so naturally, I found a fun way to present them:  (W)Rite  –  Run   –  Roam (travel)  –  Reach (out- help others)
— Brii Ravelo
(see Brii’s guest blog on the Box Free Minds Blog!)

I am so fortunate to have met Pam Heward in my networking travels. Pam, is an amazing woman who has helped untangle some of the uncertainties I have had in transitioning from a corporate person to being an entrepreneur. She is thoughtful in her suggestions and listening and is an exceptional woman! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her and I am grateful to have her as a friend. Thanks Pam!

~ Deb Sikes,
Owner, Ooh that look –
Fashion Consulting


JaclynColvinI had the pleasure of hearing Pamela present in Phoenix, and within hours of her presentation, I knew I needed to make the changes I had been afraid to make. The words she imparted drove me to finally take the leap and invest in myself and my business, realizing I was the only one constructing the box I could not get out of. The freedom that comes with a “Box Free Mind” is empowering!
~ Jaclyn Colvin
Client Relations Manager
The BDA Wealth Group

DebbieDavisI am Debbie Davis, the CEO and Founder of Gals Prepared to Succeed Women’s Networking. We reached out to Pam with a very general idea and a vision for a comprehensive Business Education Program and she saw our vision and created a program beyond our expectations. She coached and vetted all our speakers, arranged for the presentations, set the schedules for the year, and followed up with all in a timely manner. She has also been a presenter to our members several times, and her seminars are well thought out, interactive, and our members have take aways they can use immediately.

Pamela Heward has been a trusted colleague for over three years. She is open and honest, and we have all benefited from her skills as a coach and collaborator. She keeps every promise and her follow through is excellent.

We are enriched and blessed to be in her presence and to be the beneficiaries of her wisdom and kindness

~ Debbie Davis
Gals Prepared to Succeed (GPS)

JoanneGorelickI attended Pam’s workshop Box Free Thinking 101 and was thrilled with the useful information that I received. There were some things that were a bit familiar to me , but with Pam expanding on them , I was able to have that “A-ha ” moment when she spoke of how words matter. That really hit home for me. So many times we say things without thinking .We put ourselves down so as not to boast too much . We say things like, I may not be smart enough or good enough for whatever and we do not realize how powerful those words are . Pam made me realize how important our words are. We must be careful about the negativity we spew or we can start to believe it ourselves.
Pam was energetic, kept all of us engaged during the workshop, and made herself available afterwards to chat with us.  I appreciated the topics that Pam addressed that helped me move forward in my life: Being very aware of looking at life through different lenses, letting go of judgment, and always taking care of oneself first so you will be able to then truly give of yourself. I would most definitely attend ANY workshop presented by Pam.
Thank You,
~ Joanne Gorelick

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