(A note from Pam Heward:  I knew Brii was special the moment I met her. She radiates warmth, beauty, and intuitiveness. Over the past few years she has shared her dreams and challenges with me and, every time, I say to her “you need to share this with others!”  She is a gifted writer and her insights into human behavior are amazing. Luckily for all of us she agreed to share – so please read, enjoy and comment.  Thank you!)

Brii Ravelo

Brii Ravelo

The ability to take risks is directly connected to the ability to succeed, and ultimately create a life that makes you truly happy. Of course, there are many other pieces to that age-old puzzle, but none of them can fall into place without that first action step – that leap into the unknown. No matter who you are, there is only ever one reason that any of us hesitate to take the risk: FEAR.

Yep. I said the “f” word.

I want to talk about fear because it is sneaky. It lurks in the shadows as you rationalize 1,000 reasons why you can’t quit your secure job or start your dream business. Fear oozes through the cracks of all the excuses you’ve made for not asking your boss for the promotion or the raise. It creeps around, arm in arm with your Gremlin Voice, poking holes in your big ideas and most sacred dreams. Fear often comes in evasive packaging – disguised as practicality, sensibility, caution, security, rationality, stability, and many other names that are not only socially acceptable, but are often encouraged.

It is high time that this type of fear be dragged out into the light and seen for the culprit that it truly is. It is so easy to allow these fear based thoughts and feelings to direct our most critical career and life decisions. As a matter of fact, I just caught the little monster this week, gremlin and all, chipping away at my confidence as a writer. It crept up on me slowly and I almost didn’t notice until it was too late. Editing delays, content delays, even technical delays (i.e.: computer problems… give me a break!). In the end, I realized that as I continue to pursue that which truly has meaning in my life, I will continue to encounter choices that my subconscious will perceive as “Risky”. It’s just the way I’m wired.

I also discovered that this particular fear (the one that keeps us snuggly and warm in our comfort zone, the one that doesn’t want us to really go for it) is kind of a wimp. Once you expose it and call its bluff, you will send it running for cover – leaving in its wake, YOU. And your true strength. It can be exhilarating! And it can give you the power to push forward, through any obstacle.

Sometimes, just knowing that it will be worth it in the end is all the reason you need to begin.

All risks turn out for the better. It may not be the best for you, but it will be the best for someone else. Always take risks. You’re only here because of the risks someone else took.” — Amanda, 9 years old (adopted at birth)


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