Are You Too Old To Change Careers?

Are You Too Old To Change Careers?

As a Career Transition Coach, I encounter the myths about obstacles in employment on a regular basis.

Many of my younger clients (in their 20’s) believe that no one will hire them because they don’t have the experience and knowledge of a more seasoned candidate. Many of my clients 50 and over believe that companies are only hiring candidates in their 30’s and younger because they can get away with paying them less.

What I have found is companies are hiring all age groups and all levels of experience. Many of the hiring managers I talk to are embracing the idea that EQ (emotional intelligence) and finding a good cultural fit are just as important as a professional or technical skill.

Bottom line – there is opportunity for us all in all age groups and stages of professional experience. My advice to career transitioners and job seekers is to begin with letting go of the assumptions in your mind and focus on what is possible.

In any new endeavor there is challenge and opportunity.

Be sure to:

  • Ask for help,
  • Take advantage of resources
  • Talk to the great people in your life
  • Take care of yourself physically and emotionally (you will be surprised how important this is in career transition!)

Remember, successful people ask for help, they know where their strengths lie and when to ask for help.

Recommended Reading:  Forbes “Debunking 5 Myths About Changing Careers In Your 50s”

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