10 Reasons to be Thankful for Change

Generally speaking, I think most of us prefer predictability when it comes to our career and income. We don’t mind an occasional surprise but mostly we want to know what to expect, even if what we are doing or getting is not what we want.

In my experience as a Career Transition Coach, my clients come to me because of an “involuntary” change in their career. I have noticed this creates a combination of emotional and psychological shut down with a surge in resume writing and online searching activity. They end up feeling frustrated, defeated, and unsure about the future. When I have the opportunity to work with clients we begin with a “reboot” that resets their mind and allows them to embrace change and begin this new chapter in their career and life.

We begin by shifting the thoughts in their head and figuring out how to see what is possible in their new situation.

Here are 10 ways to embrace change in your life:

  1. Begin by getting out of your own way! Many of us are defeated before we begin because we think we already know the outcome of our efforts. Unless you are a psychic, you probably don’t.
  2. This circumstance is an opportunity to take inventory of your strengths, passions, and goals.
  3. Being in transition allows you time to reconnect with you: what are the thoughts in your head, how are you communicating with others, overall how are you showing up in the world.
  4. Use this time to change your focus from what is happening to you to what you are doing to make things happen in your life.
  5. This time of change in your life allows you to refocus on what success means to you. Many define success based on an arbitrary definition created by someone else long ago. Take this time to look inside and rediscover your definition of success.
  6. Being in transition is a great time to remind yourself what is “awesome” about you. Those things that are not on your resume, and make you a great asset to any company or business.
  7. During this time of change in your life you have the opportunity to practice “Vuja de”a sense of seeing something for the first time, even though you have seen and experienced it many times before. . . (read that again if you need to – it’s not what you’ve heard before!). . .and then apply this practice to discover how you can look at your life differently.
  8. When you are in transition you get the opportunity to go and do things you don’t normally take the time to do. Go to the zoo, leave town, walk the malls. Inspiration can hit anywhere and at any time!
  9. During transition you can take the time to answer the question, “How are you intelligent?” Identify your true and natural gifts.
  10. You have the opportunity to connect and reconnect with others who can and often do give you ideas, inspiration, and confidence to pursue something you have been thinking about but never did. (and you can do the same for them!!)

It may not have been you that put you where you are today, but it is YOU that can embrace this time of change and create an even better exciting future. The possibilities are endless!!

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” – proverb

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