Doing the “Work Before The Work” and Finding Your Dream Career – Podcast

What a great show with Mark Lewis and The Empowerment Team. We talked about how to find your Dream Career and how doing the “work before the work” is where you begin.

  • Joanne joined us and shared her personal story of landing her dream job after attending one of my workshops – very inspiring!
  • We touched on how to deal with those negative and limiting thoughts in your head.
  • We also answered the ominous question so many career transitioners have: “Now what am I going to do?”

Making a career change is a moment of opportunity!  Discover this whole new approach to Career Transition.

Take a listen to this show and discover why now is the time to approach your career in a whole new way.

Grab a cup of coffee and click here to listen – look for the show on the dropdown list on the podcast!

I’d like to thank Mark Lewis of The Empowerment Team for having us.  Mark is a delightful, masterful host, fun to listen to and empowering to us all!!


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