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A question I get asked all the time is: “What is Financial Empowerment?


First, let’s talk about the word Empower. It means to give power to or promote the self actualization or influence of something. So essentially, when you are financially empowered you have the “power” to impact your financial life.

As a career transition coach I have learned from my clients that in order to help them determine the next step in their career/life we often start with addressing issues around finances. Things like:

I don’t deserve increased earning potential because:     

  • I am over/under educated
  • I am not sure how to translate what I am good at/interested in into a career or business
  • I am too busy just maintaining my day to day life
  • I have been out of the workforce, not sure what to do
  • Everyone tells me how (talented, intelligent) I am, but honestly I don’t really believe it
  • I am over 40, so no one will hire me or it’s too late to start a business

This is when they go to the internet for answers … and find tasks like these:  

  • Review Your Resources
  • Fine Tune Your Resume & Branding
  • Expand Your Network
  • Hone Your Interview Skills
  • Compete Aggressively

While these actions are important – you need to first step back and look within. It is not surprising that many people just end up feeling defeated, exhausted and more stressed when they are seeking answers from one size fits all information! 

So where should you begin? Start with your mindset. What is your self talk about Finances and Money that whirls around in your head?  Once you see that you not only deserve Financial Success, but that it is within your power to achieve it, you will be energized and ready to pursue a career, start a business, or explore ideas and opportunities you have never considered before!

This is what Box Free Minds is all about. I don’t believe thinking outside of the box is enough. My goal is to help my clients realize there is No Box. In my workshop, Box Free Thinking 101, I share 8 strategies for changing your mindset. This is where financial empowerment begins!

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Look for the March 7th show on the dropdown box on the podcast!

In this show I discuss a few of the ways that we hold ourselves back from realizing our true financial potential. Thanks so much to my client, Teryl Semmons, for joining me and sharing her journey, and to Mark Lewis for having me on his show!

The upcoming workshop schedule will be on the Workshops Page. As always, please feel free to call or email me if you have questions about our events and coaching sessions. Thank you for being in my life!

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