Guest Blog – Don’t Let This Wimp Get in Your Way – By Brii Ravelo

Guest Blog – Don’t Let This Wimp Get in Your Way – By Brii Ravelo

(A note from Pam Heward:  I knew Brii was special the moment I met her. She radiates warmth, beauty, and intuitiveness. Over the past few years she has shared her dreams and challenges with me and, every time, I say to her “you need to share this with others!”  She is a gifted writer and her insights into human behavior are amazing. Luckily for all of us she agreed to share – so please read, enjoy and comment.  Thank you!)

Brii Ravelo

Brii Ravelo

The ability to take risks is directly connected to the ability to succeed, and ultimately create a life that makes you truly happy. Of course, there are many other pieces to that age-old puzzle, but none of them can fall into place without that first action step – that leap into the unknown. No matter who you are, there is only ever one reason that any of us hesitate to take the risk: FEAR.

Yep. I said the “f” word.

I want to talk about fear because it is sneaky. It lurks in the shadows as you rationalize 1,000 reasons why you can’t quit your secure job or start your dream business. Fear oozes through the cracks of all the excuses you’ve made for not asking your boss for the promotion or the raise. It creeps around, arm in arm with your Gremlin Voice, poking holes in your big ideas and most sacred dreams. Fear often comes in evasive packaging – disguised as practicality, sensibility, caution, security, rationality, stability, and many other names that are not only socially acceptable, but are often encouraged.

It is high time that this type of fear be dragged out into the light and seen for the culprit that it truly is. It is so easy to allow these fear based thoughts and feelings to direct our most critical career and life decisions. As a matter of fact, I just caught the little monster this week, gremlin and all, chipping away at my confidence as a writer. It crept up on me slowly and I almost didn’t notice until it was too late. Editing delays, content delays, even technical delays (i.e.: computer problems… give me a break!). In the end, I realized that as I continue to pursue that which truly has meaning in my life, I will continue to encounter choices that my subconscious will perceive as “Risky”. It’s just the way I’m wired.

I also discovered that this particular fear (the one that keeps us snuggly and warm in our comfort zone, the one that doesn’t want us to really go for it) is kind of a wimp. Once you expose it and call its bluff, you will send it running for cover – leaving in its wake, YOU. And your true strength. It can be exhilarating! And it can give you the power to push forward, through any obstacle.

Sometimes, just knowing that it will be worth it in the end is all the reason you need to begin.

All risks turn out for the better. It may not be the best for you, but it will be the best for someone else. Always take risks. You’re only here because of the risks someone else took.” — Amanda, 9 years old (adopted at birth)


My Best Advice – The 8 Things My Clients Know

My Best Advice – The 8 Things My Clients Know


As a Career Transition Coach, I work with job seekers (employed and unemployed) who are looking for advice to land their perfect career.  Though my approach includes a personalized and focused plan for each client based on their individual goals and attributes, I’ve also realized that there are some distinct pieces of advice that seem to ring true for every client – no matter the situation.  I’ve decided to publish them here!  Which one will help you the most?


My 8 Best Pieces of Advice



First and probably most important- Our sense of who we are precedes us in any encounter (interview, networking, written communication). Do not downplay or dismiss this.



Taking the time to examine what is on and in our mind will make all the difference in how we show up and how others receive us.



No one achieves success in a vacuum. If you want to succeed in your career or business, making connections and collaborating are essential.



You must continuously challenge your thinking, assumptions, and perceptions. The best way to know when it is time to do this is when you find that you are doubting yourself or feeling stuck.



FiveDon’t underestimate the importance of follow through. I receive feedback from clients and hiring managers that the fact that someone did what they promised to do was a pleasant surprise and impacted their decision to hire potential candidates or work for potential employers.



If you feel stuck in your own “box” remember that you constructed your box and you can de-construct it!



It takes courage to proclaim your true passion and dreams to yourself and others. Not everyone will accept or agree with what you want to do and will have strong opinions about what you “should” be doing. Have the courage to embrace your new identity and let what others think be their business.



Finally, don’t assume you’ve heard this already. We all need a mind reboot from time to time.




The most important work you can do is the “Work Before The Work” – before you write your resume or set up interviews.  You can kick start your new mind and reinvigorate yourself to be truly ready to do the work to discover your passion and begin a new chapter in your personal and professional life.  This is why I built my workshop – Box Free Breakthroughs for a New Life and Mind.  It’s time to reboot!!

P.S. – Remember, one other benefit of getting back to what makes YOU happy and motivated is that you will begin to naturally see what is interesting and inspiring in others.  THIS can make life more colorful and full in ways that you may be missing today!



7 Things I Am Thankful For . . . and Why

7 Things I Am Thankful For . . . and Why

Werner von Braun Quote

Werner von Braun

As we get ready to celebrate and spend time with family and friends, I find myself reflecting on the past year and asking myself — “What are you thankful for?”


I’d like to share my thoughts with you:

  1. I am thankful for the things I don’t know yet. It is motivating and exciting to know that in the year ahead I will have puzzles to solve, challenges to overcome, and lessons to learn.
  2. I am thankful for the people in my life now and the one’s I haven’t met yet. I know that expanding my connections expands me. (P.S. some of these people will prove to be challenging and frustrating. This is ok.  Either way I will learn and grow from them.)
  3. I am thankful for early morning epiphanies. They don’t all pan out but it’s great to wake up full of ideas.
  4. I am thankful for the doubters, naysayers, and doomsayers. Without them we would have no one to prove wrong!
  5. I am thankful for my Pollyanna attitude. I strive to see the best in others and will not apologize for this! Do I get hurt sometimes?  I am happy to report hardly ever!!  I just think it is a better way to live your life!
  6. I am thankful for those disciplined, accomplished people out there who remind me that I am a work in progress and that they can be role models for me as I strive to be a more disciplined, accomplished person.
  7. I am thankful for the unplanned events in my life. I have been thrown into life transition which, at the time, felt overwhelming and defeating. As I look back at these events I realize that they were all opportunities to reinvent myself and invite new and wonderful people into my life.

What are you thankful for in your life? How can you begin to see your past experiences and present opportunities from a Box Free perspective? The possibilities are endless!!

The first step towards a new career and life?  Doing your “Work Before The Work”!

The first step towards a new career and life? Doing your “Work Before The Work”!



Our cornerstone event is happening
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What would happen if you had no fear? Box Free Minds is about releasing fear, assumptions and blocks so that your thoughts can become Box Free!  Pamela Heward, Founder and Certified Career Transition Coach, employs learning strategies, techniques, technical basics, insights and much more to help you do the “work before the work” – you will gain a higher level of confidence in who you are, identify where your passions lie, and present yourself to employers with clarity and strength.  Before your resume, before your job search and before you go on a single interview – THIS is your critical “work before the work”!

As a Certified Transition Coach, Pam has helped over 2,500 clients find their passion and take their career and lives to the next level. Please join Pam for this interactive workshop that will challenge your thinking and help you reconnect with the infinite possibilities within you!  You will learn the 8 Mind Shifts for Box Free Thinking and how to create a new path and a new career based on what you truly want – and what it takes to achieve it.

The “work before the work” is the foundation for achieving your professional goals, whether it is finding a new job, career or starting a new business.   Through this interactive, fun experience, Pam will help you:

  • Identify what you love and what you are good at
  • Become a “stand out” candidate in any situation: interviews, networking, social media profiles
  • Show you how taking the time to shift your approach to your career will clarify your job search journey and get you the career and life you love!
  • Meet others and connect, share, support and collaborate

The strategies used are the culmination of years of experience helping others to achieve lasting fulfillment. Don’t waste another moment living someone else’s idea of a “successful” life. Learn how to make profound changes in your life AND receive a FREE 30 minute personal coaching session with Pam valued at $75.00.

Plan to share, brainstorm, and uncover what is possible when you chip away at what blocks you from having a career and life you love.

We hope to see you there!

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The Patricia Raskin Radio Show

The Patricia Raskin Radio Show

We all make assumptions and interpret the world around us – and when looking for a job, our beliefs can limit our thinking and keep us from moving forward!

This is a sign that you are ready to learn how to think Box Free!

On this recent radio broadcast of “The Patricia Raskin Show” on 630WPRO in Rhode Island – Patricia and Pam explore what makes Box Free Thinking stand out as a new approach to Career Transition.

Listen to the show and find out more about Pam and the Box Free Thinking 101 Workshop. There is more than one path to success and inspiration can be around any corner.



What’s Wrong With Finding a Job?

What’s Wrong With Finding a Job?

You wake up in the morning and think “Man I am so dreading my job!”

Maybe you are someone who is happy with their work but know there is more out there for you.

These are the signs that you are ready to learn how to think Box Free!

On this recent radio broadcast of the “What’s Wrong with Kris and Steve” show – Kris, Steve and Pam explore when it’s time to explore a new job, career, or business.

Listen to the show and find out about the Gremlins and Vampires in your life as well as what Michelangelo has to do with career transition. You will learn that there is more than one path to success and inspiration can be around any corner.

Click here to listen — look for “What’s Wrong with Finding a Job” on the drop down menu


You will laugh, learn, and enjoy this conversation!  And if it rings true for you, consider attending our next Box Free Thinking 101 Workshop!

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